Treboeth History Society

Our History Book 'Treboeth' is available priced £12.

The book will be available to purchase most days, just phone or email to arrange to either collect or to deliver locally or by post p & p £6.

Full credit to our loyal committee who have worked relentlessly for the past six years to publish our book 'Treboeth' and for the support of our members. 

Special thanks to our editor Mrs Jill Forwood and publisher Derryl Rees.

Ivor Williams, secretary Tel: (01792) 413727 or email: 

'Treboeth, book will be on sale at Morriston Library on Tuesday 14th January from 10am to 1pm

And also at Treboeth Community Centre on Thursday 16th January from 10am to 12.30pm

        The Daniel James project


Welcome toTreboeth History Society home page.  

We meet on the first Thursday of every month at St. Alban's Church Hall. 

Our next meet is on Thursday 9th January 2014 at 2.00pm - Huw Tregelles Williams 'Musical Greats'

All welcome to attend, tea/coffee will be provided.  "Come and join us for a cup and a natter" 

or contact the secretary Ivor Williams Email: or Tel: (01792) 413727 

The origin of the name 'Treboeth'

One translation is 'Hot town' or 'Burnt home-stead'.  It may indicate that a particular place was cleared by burning or even destroyed by fire. 

Another version is that Treboeth is a corruption of 'Trebwthyn' or 'Tribwythyn' - three cottages.  Two of the cottages disappeared long ago, but the third is still there in Llanfyfelach Road, named 'Y Bwthyn Seren Fore', Morning Star Cottage and takes its name from the building attached to it, which was once the 'Morning Star' public house.  It is now an impressive dwelling.

Fifty years ago (1940s) Trboeth was still a small village surrounded by green fields of Penlan Farm and Clase.   



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